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Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption

Generally Namibia has a strong judicial foundation. With the Anti-Corruption Act, the country has set a good precondition for anti-corruption initiatives. Nonetheless, corruption remains a problem, particularly in the public procurement sector due to politically well connected individuals taking advantage of and manipulating the public procurement system. Additionally, the enforcement of the legislation remains inconsistent and bribes are not uncommon in areas such as the customs department. However, evidence is often hard to come by.

The Hanns Seidel Foundation actively supports the Namibian government in the fight against corruption. To promote the rule of law in Namibia, HSF further cooperates with stakeholders from government, businesses and civil society organisations in order to strengthen political and economic sustainability. 


Workshops & Publications

We are contributing to the government's fight against corruption by offering workshops and by distributing information on the topic. Furthermore we support the advancement of professional research and the regular publication of relevant papers on the rule of law, anti-corruption and current socio-political matters directly in the House of Democracy. 

Next to a close cooperation with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC, see Partners), HSF finances the monthly publication "Corruption Tracker" as part of Insight Magazine. 

Contact & Further Information

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