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Conscious Citizens
Is Democracy Effective Without Active Citizenship?

Conscious Citizen is an independent youth platform co-founded by the Hanns Seidel Foundation, Free Your Mind, Students for Liberty and Generation of African Intellectuals Trust. The collaboration aims to engage the Namibian youth on topics such as Democracy, Human Rights, Rule of Law and Sustainable Economic Development. 

On Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, we hosted an event at the Warehouse in Windhoek, under the theme “Is Democracy Effective Without Active Citizenship?”. 

The objectives of the dialogue included: 

-       To facilitate an active and engaging discussion between the audience and selected panelists on how to create opportunities.

-       To raise awareness on how the youth can enhance their skills while perusing their academics

-       To discuss sustainable solutions to tackle youth engagement on democratic, social and economic matters

-       To encourage the youth to step out of their comfort zones and take responsibility for their future and the coming generation

The event featured a panel discussion that touched on topics like active citizenship, access to information and what young Namibians can do NOW to start making a positive impact in their lives and the communities they live in. The vent was very well attend and audience members were eager to engage with the panelists and pick their brains on the topics pf discussion.