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Democracy and Good Governance

In close cooperation with its partners, HSF has actively supported the development of a democratic society in Namibia since 1978. Since the country gained independence in 1990, Namibia has further consolidated its democratic institutions. Today, the constitution provides for human and political rights, values an independent judiciary, and envisages a multi-party system for Namibia.

To further strengthen the government's efforts in building a strong democratic society, the Hanns Seidel Foundation Namibia is putting a strong focus on the advancement of democratic and constitutional structures as well as on “good governance”.

Capacity Building

By strengthening the capacities of civil society organisations, political parties, decision-makers, youth groups as well as disadvantaged groups, HSF encourages civic and political involvement. Our capacity building interventions help to foster democratic citizenship and political participation in Namibia. 

In this context, we offer various training modules and workshops focusing on civic education, organisational skills, and interpersonal skills. Additionally, we develop and share information materials such as fact sheets, videos and podcasts on current affairs and run information campaigns such as MyDemocracy Tree.

Dialogue Platforms

HSF regularly facilitates public dialogues and conferences on political, economic, social, and environmental affairs at a national level. We foster the active involvement of the public through events like business breakfasts and other communication events such our independent youth platform Conscious Citizens. Our aim is to bring together stakeholders from the civil society, the media, policy makers, political parties, and businesses to discuss current issues and help to disseminate well researched information.

For more information on Conscious Citizens please visit the Facebook page.

Contact & Further Information

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